Most Anticipated Games for Wii U

Have you ever heard of Game Wars? No? Can you guess what they are? They are pretty much what they sound like. If by that you mean multi-million dollar business war over who’s console will be most sold and used. What will you choose? Is it going to be PlayStation 4? Or the new Xbox? Maybe you will stick to the old Nintendo? Hm, while we’re there – did you know there is a new Nintendo’s Wii called U? Of course you did, it’s two years old now. And if you are a Wii U fan, here’s a bonus for you: list of games that will be released in 2015. that only Wii U users will enjoy!!!

The Legend of Zelda Wii U

Release date: 2015 (exact date will be announced additionally)

One of the most famous game character Link is back! And this time, it’s 3D baby! No, he won’t jump out of the screen, what we’re trying to say is that in this installment of Zelda you will experience the world in manner of GTA or WoW character rather then previous 2D version.
Link will travel the vast world around him and will be able to ride horses, fly, fight with sword, shoot arrows and much more. Test shots show beautiful sceneries and huge interactive world for you to explore so it’s no wonder release date is still in TBA state, but we can already say that this will be one of the best games of the year.

Star Fox Wii U

Release Date: 2015 (TBA)


The new iteration of Star Fox is soon going to be here. We don’t know the exact date of release yet, but it will be in 2015. and Wii U fans have a lot to be looking forward to! Not much is known about the game itself, other than being Star Fox game, so we know we can expect some outer space butt kicking provided by our foxy friend. Also, developers made sure to use all the advantages of Wii U console and I can say that gaming experience will be awesome!


XFNNfdXKirby and the rainbow Curse

Release Date: February 20, 2015

Everybody knows him! It’s Kirby!!! New year, new Kirby and this time for Wii U exclusive. This version of the game will take advantage of platform’s controller for maximum experience and most of the work will be done by touch controlled pen that will draw the way for our hero. Game features artsy and colorful surroundings featuring a lot of clay, so if that sounds like something you would like, and you like touch-controlled games – don’t miss on this one!

Mario Maker

Release Date: early 2015

Here before us is a game that wants to allow you the building abilities seen in many other popular games. i mean, everybody loves creating. And everybody loves Mario. So combined – you get a game that lets you have fun in an environment we all love and remember. Turn yourself into a Mario-level designer, make your own levels and share them online. You’ll also be able to download other player’s level and see how the do it. We dare you to combine them into one big level and try to complete them all! We suggest calling some friends for help tho, this will be huge!